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Red Parka

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary Fundraising Bundle!

Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary Fundraising Bundle!

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Treat yourself to this bundle of goodness while supporting Edgar's Mission! Bundle includes a Friend Not Food Pin, a Chicken Tea Towel, an orangutan greeting card and an orangutan purse mirror, all featuring original artwork by Jennifer Cossins. Individually these items would cost $52 but we've created a win-win for you by making this bundle just $30! A bargain for you and support for an amazing cause!

100% of the sale price of this bundle will be donated to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary.

Edgar’s Mission is on a quest to make the world a kinder place for farmed animals. They are one of our favourite charities, and when we heard they were running a charity trek to Sumatra, we were immediately on board. Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit organisation. Established in 2003, they have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed thousands of farmed animals at their sanctuary in Victoria. Seeking to create a humane and just world for all, this is a cause we could not agree with more!

At the core of their mission is kindness. Providing a safe, happy home for hundreds of abandoned and mistreated animals, they also advocate animal kindness on a broader level, through education, outreach, community enrichment and sanctuary tours. Added to the fact that we love supporting Edgar's Mission, we’ll also be visiting an Orangutan Project on this trip, and protecting orangutans is another cause we are passionate about!


Thanks for supporting this cause with us!

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