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    Giving back to our community and our planet is so important to us at Red Parka. In fact, it's one of the main reasons we exist and as Red Parka grows, I'm happy to be able to increase what we are doing to help.

    As obsessive animal-lovers, Red Parka focuses on helping animals and we contribute biannually to various animal, environmental and literacy charities. We raise money through the sale of various Red Parka, Black Den and TJFinch products as well as regular events in our shop.

    We also raise money for LGBTQI support organisations through the sale of our Yay Gay range - you can read about why this is so important to us here.

    We also support other causes from time to time, both financially and through in-kind donations of goods. If you are involved in a good cause and are seeking support, you are very welcome to contact us at tracy@redparka.com.au and let us know what you're up to - we will help if we can!

    We aim to be both helpful and transparent in our business! We make donations biannually based on sales and publicly declare here to whom we are donating.

    By supporting our business, you help us support these causes!

    So thank you - together we can make a difference!


    Since 2018 Red Parka has donated $28,530 to the following charities:

    Horse Racing Kills
    Wildcare (Orange Bellied Parrot)
    Pride Foundation
    Equality Project
    Indigineous Literacy Foundaton
    Sisters Inside
    Movember Foundation
    National Justice Project
    Change the record
    Rainforest Rescue
    Hobart Womens shelter
    Bethlehem House
    Wombat Rescue
    Bob Brown Foundation
    Australian Koala Foundation
    Working It Out Tasmania
    Just Equal
    All Out
    Black Rainbow
    Handfish conservation project
    Save the Devil Appeal
    Animals Australia
    Tasmanian Land Conservancy
    Seed Mob
    Bush Heritage Australia
    Raptor Rescue Feb
    Bali Library Project
    Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Hospital
    The Orangutan Project
    Free the Bears
    Sea Turtle Foundation