FOMM #64 – Mother of Elephants + Sea Lions On The Couch + DIY Tipi + More…..

Hello!! How has your week been?

I’ve had a pretty exciting week – the big news I have to share? Red Parka is about to move out of home into my very own studio! It’s so exciting – having run my business from spare rooms (or corners of loungerooms, or the back of my campervan) for five years now, I’ve finally decided I’m ready to move out! I found a beautiful, clear, sunny room upstairs from a cafe and sushi bar (perfect, hey?) in central Hobart. I’ll be moving in a couple of weeks and will be sure to share lots of pics. I think it’s going to be really amazing to have a work space outside of the house, a place that is 100% dedicated to my art and creativity!

I’ve also been working pretty furiously on my new book, which in case you haven’t heard, is going to be volume 2 of my collective noun book from last year! Which means 50 brand new illustrated collective nouns will soon be coming your way……. and just because I love you (really, I do!) here’s a sneak peek at one of the new pages……

loomery of puffins

Do you like puffins? I had drawn puffins before but wasn’t really happy with them so they didn’t make it into the first book. But now I’ve redone them, I’m much happier.

Now is probably also a good time to ask (for those of you who have read my book at least!), which animal did you wish was in the book but wasn’t? I have a big list I’m working on for book 2 but would love to know what you’d most like to see! So let me know in the comments below! x

Ok, let’s get on with some of the things that have been rocking my world this week…



One of my favourite and most admired people turned 80 this week. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya (named in honour of her late husband and famous conservationist David Sheldrick), has led such an amazing and meaningful life. She has done so much to help elephants (as well as any other animal that needs help!) – as an obsessive elephant lover myself she’s pretty much my hero. What a legacy to have created in life and she’s still going!

She is one of the people that gives me the most hope when I (all too frequently) feel like it’s pointless trying to change things. If you don’t know much about her or her amazing organisation, I encourage you to check it out here.

daphneThen and now – what an amazing woman!



Just loving these adorable upcycled pieces of wearable art by Melbourne designer Triangle of Bears. So many more wacky, fun pieces of jewellery in the shop!



How fun are these art-inspired chocolate bars by UnElefante (found on Eat Drink Chic)?


Luis Garcia-Nerey

I found myself really drawn into these painting by Luis Garcia-Nerey when I stumbled across them. Intriguing, aren’t they?



This must be the best DIY I’ve seen in a long time, courtesy of The Handmade Home! Maybe I should make one of these for my studio!




And some animal love – these two photos of sea lions lazing on the couch and a real live Blue Footed Booby just made my day! Found these on Esther & Jacob’s blog post about The Galapagos Islands.


Weekend Links!

Create & Thrive have just released their latest ebook all about product photography! If you need help in this area (and let’s face it, who doesn’t!) this guide looks like exactly what we all need! Check it out here.

Want to be more productive? Don’t we all….. loving the tips in this article about things productive people do.

A brilliant guide for writing a business plan for your blog from By Regina. Might tackle this one myself over the weekend – let me know if you try it!

Here’s a great profile of designer Jennifer Hill on Design Sponge…. an inspiring read for up and coming illustrators!

Conquering a fear of failure with Amy Ng from Pikaland.

Check out this great (and free!) mini-guide to social media for those of you feeling overwhelmed keeping up with all that online stuff!

And finally, one for my fellow design junkies – I just purchased this pretty awesome collection of design elements from Creative Market. It’s a one week only special – $39 for over $700 of digital goodies! Love these guys so much! Now to go and play….


I hope you all have fun and creative adventures planned for the weekend – I’ll be setting up at Salamanca Market as usual on Saturday then on Sunday I’m flying to Queensland for the week! Can’t wait to escape the cold Tassie winter for a few days, get some sun, go to the beach and visit some bookshops on this little epilogue to my recent book tour. I’ll be in Noosa for 4 days and Brisbane for 2. If you know any good spots I should visit be sure to let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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4 Responses to FOMM #64 – Mother of Elephants + Sea Lions On The Couch + DIY Tipi + More…..

  1. Jess says:

    Aww, thanks so much for the ebook love, Jen! And wahoo on the new studio (upstairs from a sushi place, I am totally jealous right now…).

    • admin says:

      No worries Jess – the new guide looks fantastic! I’m about to start my own online shop so will be looking for some tips myself to improve my photography…. and yes, sushi…. if you ever come to Hobart that’s where I’ll meet you for lunch! :)

  2. Regina says:

    There’s so much great stuff to comment on in this post, so I’ll try to be brief:

    (1) Congratulations on your studio. That sounds perfect. Sunny room. Cafe. Sushi bar. Is anything else necessary? (2) Do you mean that’s actually edible and beautiful chocolate? I love that concept. (3) The puffins are adorable. We really don’t say “puffins” enough in society. (4) Thank you for sharing the blog business plan post. I really appreciate it.

    ^^ It’s truly amazing I was able to be that brief because your post has tons of exciting links + ideas. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Regina! I am pretty excited about the studio and I agree, we should definitely talk more about puffins!! I’m so glad to hear you found my links informative too! :)

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